a Short film by 
Maryam Farahzadi​​​​​​​
Synopsis: Blue is a short film about the struggle of being different
Still shots

-Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference Film Festival Holding by Congressman Hank Johnson, Washington DC, USA, 2018
Award winner, Blue
- ACT Human Rights Film Festival, Colorado, USA, 2018
Juror’s Second Place winner, Blue

-RIT(SOFA), USA, 2017
Honorable Mention, Blue

- Migrarti Film Festival,Italy, 2018
Best Animation, Blue

Official Selection
-Pasadena International Film Festival, 2019
-Fastforward Film Festival, Rochester, New York, 2017 (Semi Finalist)
-Movie Valley Film festival, , 2017
-Zlin Film Festival, Czech Repulic, 2017
-Fantoche Animation Film Festival, Switzerland, 2017
-Children International Film Festival, North Carolina, 2017
-St. Francis College Woman’s Film Festival, New york, 2017
-Fine cut Film festival, 2017 (Finalist)
-Merging lenz, Canada,  2017 (Finalist) 
-Honorable mention of SOFA, RIT,  2017
-Pachuca Film Festival, Mexico, 2017
-Tintiri Mintiri Film Festival, Mesodenia, 2017
-33 rd international Festival Cartoon Club Imini, 2017 
-OASF Festival, Belarus, 2017 
-AM Egypt Film Festival, 2017
-High Falls Film Festival, Rochester, New York, 2017
-Istanbul International Architecture andUrban Films Festival, 2017
-Black Movie, Geneva International Independent Film Festival, Switzerland, 2017
-MONSTRA  – Lisbon Animated Film Festival, 2017
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