Vector character Design

little mermaid




Character design for animation
Diamond is a super spy working undercover. She is sleek, stealthy and charming. However, she is as deadly as they come! She barely fits in at a fancy dinner party or on an archeological dig, but people are so drawn by her gaze that no one ever questions it. She is fiercely independent, strong and confident and will flirt with anything she needs to in order to accomplish her assignment. Anything! She only seems to retreat when confronted by her boss, the one man she cant seem to wrap around her finger. When he is around, Diamond draws back to the corner of the room, willing to let him take control. She has one pet, if you can call it that, that she loves. Which is great because no one else would dare get near it! 

Diggy is an archeologist, but not any archeologist, he is the best in the world and still works hard to be better. He is enthusiastic, fun, eager, curious and super smart. He greets every challenge as an opportunity and every opportunity as a chance to learn. He is kind to just about everyone, although he does have his enemies. He is a little eccentric as well, and doesn’t dress in the usual style. He can be hard to communicate with as it is not uncommon for him to get totally lost in a trinket he sees lying around. Who knows, it just might be a rare find! 


Character design for short animation cut-out style
Innocent, Adventurous, Ambitious
Little Girl

Concept art and Model sheet
Color Pallet
Fish Character Design

a very Soft, Alluring, Kind and dreamy fish which is a symbol of a little girl's dreams.                                                  (based on my Thesis project story) 
Fish Development Character Design
Concept art and Model Sheet
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